About us

Who are we?

An orchestra of bagpipers, devoted to the idea of tracing, preserving and popularizing the authentic Rhodope folklore, under the guidance of Todor Todorov.

What have we inherited?

“The orchestra of 100 kaba (low) bagpipes” is established in 1961 in Smolyan. Its manager and conductor is Apostol Kisyov, and since 1965 its concertmaster is Anastas Ivanov (uncle Tasso). At this time the orchestra numbers over a hundred members from the central part of the Rhodopes, from 40 to 75 years of age. After many years of work at the house of culture in Smolyan, since 1992 the orchestra continues its work in the community centre ‘Orpheus Moutains’ in Raikovo – a quarter in Smolyan.

What are we famous for?

The first brilliant performance of the orchestra is in 1961 when the first Singing Competition at Rozhen is held. Since then there is a tradition and each fair at Rozhen begins with the sound of “The orchestra of 100 kaba (low) bagpipes”. This becomes an emblem of the Rhodope folklore. After its establishing, the orchestra starts concert activities in the country and goes on tours in Hungary, Russia and the Czech Republic from where it brings a number of prizes.

Since 1995 we popularize the Rhodope folklore by taking part in the folklore festivals in the town of Koprivshtitza and the town of Kremen, and the villages of Kovachevo, Shiroka Lukka. With the rich repertoire of bagpipe suites we give solo concerts and assembly concerts in the country and abroad. We also take part in recordings for the Bulgarian National Radio and the Bulgarian National Television, as well as in projects of sound-recordings in the USA.